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New Applets and eBook Applet Updates

New Applets:

Spatial Decorrelation of Clutter
Amplitude and direction of arrival v time response received from a complex modulated pulsed radar when affected by local ground clutter.

Array Antenna Patterns
Plots array antenna azimuth and elevation patterns with choices of feed taper, element size, positioning and number.

Microstrip Directional Coupler
The applet encompasses the latest published design rules for accurately designing microstrip broadside, coupled-line, directional couplers in the frequency range 1GHz to 20GHz.

Updated Applets:

Transmission Line Filter
Design of a fifth-order line and stub lowpass microwave filter. Butterworth and Chebychev responses and tolerances to line impedance and insertion loss.
Phase display now relative to equivalent line length and VSWR plot added.

Amplifier Dynamic Range
Effect of amplifier compression slope and signal level on the generation of intermodulation components up to the seventh-order.
Log RFA and Hard Limiter examples added.

Spurii generation up to the seventh-order in single diode, balanced and doubly balanced mixer types as a function of LO and signal drive levels.
User data input added.

Wideband DV SNR
Signal-to-noise ratio across the operating band with adjustable gain and noise figure variations.
Noise spectra, extra examples and User data input added

Digital FFT Receiver Performance
Digital FFT receiver design: effect of window functions, pulse width, rise-time, relative delay, frequency offset, number of bits, ADC linearity, and clock jitter.
FMOP and PMOP signal types added

ESM Clutter Modelling
Received power v time response from a complex modulated pulsed radar when both radar and receiver are immersed in a cluttered or littoral environment.
Strobe alignment corrected.

Near Field Power
Power density and power received by a defined antenna in the near field of a large aperture antenna. The receive antenna can be positioned off-axis.
Aperture range improved, scales corrected

Updated July 01st 2006